Here's my single, "Blue Moon of Kentucky" from my EP "The Magician"
Entered in "Best American Roots Performance."

Guitars, Bass, Sticks, Vocals: Susan SurfTone
Produced, engineered and mixed by Steve Kravac at Hell's Half Acre, California
Mastered by Michael Hately at Lotus Mastering

"Susan and The SurfTones come up with yet another energetic, foot-tapping song with Blue Moon of Kentucky. With fantastic vocals and lively, engaging guitar work and a very memorable tune, this song wrapped itself around my head. I've been humming this song ever since I heard it." - Ricky Kej, 2015 Grammy© Winner - Best New Age Album "Winds of Samsara" - Amazon review

The Magician:
I love the wonderful vintage sound on "TRYING TO GET TO YOU" and "BLUE MOON OF KENTUCKY" complete with that signature echo/reverb effect too!
"SHADOWLAND" and "SUNBURN" brought back the vintage punchy and powerful!! Great tracks, fantastic energy and superbly rendered!!
-Wouter Kellerman, 2015 Grammy© Winner - Best New Age Album "Winds of Samsara" - iTunes review

"Blue Moon is contagious, entertaining, and energetic. We are enjoying the vocals and the guitar. Susan Surftone has a very unique style. We can't wait to listen to more music from this beautiful artist!" - El Cerrito Records - Amazon review

"Another winning Ep from one of the industry's most under-rated surf/rockabilly guitarists the one and only Susan Surftone. Susan put her heart and soul into this new release and every track shows her immense talent. Of course the stand alone track has to be Bill Monroe's Blue Moon Of Kentucky... Close your eyes and listen to Susan Surftone paying homage to The King...... Elvis" -Ginger Coyote, Punk Globe

"...she finishes an excellent EP with "Blue Moon of Kentucky," giving the full country treatment as she entreats, "Blue moon of Kentucky keep on shining, shine on the one that's gone and left me blue." There's some fast-moving acoustic plucking going on here that will leave you with no doubt to SurfTone's prowess." -Winnie McCroy, Edge Media Network